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You're a business with a digital marketing problem.

I'm a consultant that solves that problem.

I do this by teaching about digital, data, comms, advertising, business strategy, and sales and providing solutions to businesses like yours.

These strategies and tactics have been refined over a decade selling into and advising the world's biggest brands - L’Oreal, BMW, Unilever, QANTAS, Microsoft, Google, and Facebook.

I have the most impact with growing businesses with 20-100+ staff that are selling $10-50k+ services themselves.

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Luke lives and breathes new technologies. Over the years he has built extremely valuable experience working on some of the most innovative brands in Australia. He has a very good understanding of digital media dynamics, not only in Australia but globally. I have rarely seen such passion, creativity and drive at work. Luke is a super star and I only wish I will have the pleasure and opportunity to work with him again in the future!
Marie Sornin, VP - Growth & Revenue, NextVR
This is a guy who keeps showing up consistently, delivers amazing results, and continues to reflect.
Simon Hampson, Founder, Warpaint
Luke is a highly technical, very creative and performance focused digital marketing professional. He's worked in some of the top companies in the world - and has a lot of experience running campaigns for businesses like ourselves.
Alan Crabbe, Co-Founder, Birchal and Pozible
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