divergent lessons in marketing, tech, and growth

Welcome to my personal page.

I'm Luke "Marshy" Marshall, a marketing expert with a creative mind and passion for tech and social good.

About me:
- Living just outside Melbourne, surrounded by nature
- Soon-to-be father of twins
- Advocate for mental health with my own published book on lived experience

Professional background:
- 20 years experience in marketing with big companies
- veteran consultant excited by hard-to-solve problems and training teams

Current projects:
- I launched a book called Start Marketing - a DIY guide to finding customers, offering value, and noticing what works

💫 Technology's potential
🙏🏻 Social enterprise and NFPs
🏀 Sports (AFL + NBA)
✍🏼 Writing, running + fitness, techno, meditation

Things I give a low 1 out of 10:
❌ Commercial news
🧪 Misuse of technology
🏢 Monopolies and oligopolies
📉 Asymmetrical power structures
😎 Haters

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- Marshy