divergent lessons in marketing, tech, and being good humans

I'm Marshy, Luke, or Marshwah from the Marshwah Project if you go looking for old YouTube videos.

I live just out of Melbourne surrounded by trees, running tracks, and hills. Soon-to-be a father of twins.

I'm a strong advocate for mental health and wrote a book about my lived experience a decade ago.

I'm a seasoned freelance marketer after working within big companies for nearly 20 years.

I'm writing another book called Start Marketing and it's taking longer than I like!
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Things I love:
Technology's potential, new things, social enterprise and NFPs, sports (AFL + NBA), writing, running + fitness, techno, meditation, waking up fresh on Sunday mornings, competing.

Things I give a low 1 out of 10:
Commercial news, misuse of technology, monopolies and oligopolies, asymmetrical power structures, slimy people.

I'll be adding more to the site in 2023, and if you want to get in touch visit the Ask a Question page or get in touch via LinkedIn.

- Marshy