Cheeky Smiling Man to Drop Knowledge Bombs in 2022 💣

Hello, I’m Marshy.

I’m a connector, writer, teacher, and idea enthusiast.

I’m passionate about doing good in the world with tech, connecting on mental health and lifting others up, and doing it unconventionally.

My career has been a jungle gym.

I’ve worked in tech, marketing, advertising, sales, agencies, startups, and freelanced.

I’m the guy you call when you don’t know what door to bust through.

I’m determined to teach you as much as I can in 2022 across marketing, tech, wellness, and business. These skills have been picked up along a peculiar trajectory that’s seen me coach aspiring founders through to pitching and winning the world’s biggest brands.

I’ll do this in as many scalable ways as I can outside of my day job.

I promise a bias for action, curiosity, making, and play - do you want to come and join me?

My first project is well under way and is an ebook called “Marketing from Scratch” - my take on answering one the questions I get the most - where do I start?

Sign-up below and be the first to know when it’s ready.

You’ll get a a non-automated welcome email from me too (you being the early adopter I know and love).
I want to introduce myself and see if there’s anything else I can do to help you.

- Marshy
January, 2022

Grow your marketing nous, digital savvy, and tech literacy in 2022.

I'm on a quest to deliver as much as I know across marketing, tech, and wellness in a way that is actionable for you, fun for me to write, and valuable for us together <3

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Alan Crabbe
Luke is a highly technical, very creative and performance focused digital marketing professional. He's worked in some of the top companies in the world - and has a lot of experience running campaigns for businesses like ourselves.
Alan Crabbe, Co-Founder, Birchal and Pozible
Marie Sornin
Luke lives and breathes new technologies. Over the years he has built extremely valuable experience working on some of the most innovative brands in Australia. He has a very good understanding of digital media dynamics, not only in Australia but globally. I have rarely seen such passion, creativity and drive at work. Luke is a super star and I only wish I will have the pleasure and opportunity to work with him again in the future!
Marie Sornin, VP - Growth & Revenue, NextVR
Luke Marshall | Teaching Tech + Doing Digital