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Hey fellow traveller,

Thanks for stopping by. I don't know much about you other than you've stumbled across this section.

So in an effort to get to know you I am going to go out of my way to be as helpful as possible.
I'm going to do this by sharing resources in a number of buckets, and if you're still in need of help and don't want to fit in a bucket - just book 20 minutes with me.

Let's flipping go! 💪

If you're looking for help with marketing:

I wrote a book for people just starting out on their marketing journey and looking to learn and do things on their own - it shares concepts you can run with and shares how to build partnerships. You can pay whatever you want for it (including FREE) and you can get the book here.

I provide marketing coaching to small business owners, founders, and consultants. This can be booked ad-hoc at an hourly rate, or booked over 5-12 weeks at a reduced rate. If you'd like to make an enquiry about this please book a time and mention coaching.

Do you live in Victoria and have an ABN with less than 20 employees?
You can request subsidised mentoring and coaching with me by booking via the Digital Solutions program.

I run productised service called - it's a lead magnet creation service that researches your industry by interviewing your clients with an AI survey tool and drafting and designing an online asset to help your business. You can find out more about it (and request help) by visiting the above link. Want to see what a lead magnet looks like? Here's some examples.

Just want a quick bit of help or to see if coaching is for you?
You can book a quick, free 20 minute coaching session without any strings - I won't pitch you and you get to see if another set of eyes and ears can help your situation. Book a call here.
Luke Marshall expressing helpfulness with enthusiasm
If you're looking for partnerships:

I collaborate with a lot of organisations to create win-wins. This can be overflow work, webinars, teaching something, or writing in one of your publications, and more. Some partners include TANK, bMightie, ntegrity, The Startup Network, and Food Futures. If this sounds interesting to you please book a call and mention partnerships.

I'm very active on LinkedIn, if you'd like to get a flavour for what I'm about feel free to connect with me and get a sense of my posts or just start a chat on DMs.
Luke working with a group of people at the library
If you want to learn more:

I write a weekly newsletter called AI versus Marshy that covers what's going on in the world of AI and how you can apply it for yourself or your business. You can browse old editions and subscribe by visiting my newsletter page.

I've also started a shorter email newsletter on personal and business growth called The Conversation Starter. You can subscribe by visiting here.

I wrote a book about my lived experience with mental health and coming out - it was one of the most rewarding things I've ever done. You can grab a copy here. My recovery looks very different today, and I represent lived experience and sit on the board at SANE.

Still curious?
I can't help everyone in my network, but I'll always try and be kind, generous, and helpful.

If none of the above helps you and you're after something else specific - just connect with me on LinkedIn.