What is The JAM Framework?

I've put together The JAM Checklist - a diagnostic tool. The questions can be used when you are considering the value your website brings. Some of these questions are really obvious, and others veer from the trodden path.

JAM stands for Journeys, Assets, and Measurement.

Without this clear categorisation on what to look for in your digital marketing, you could try every tactic under the sun and not get any better at it.

Combine JAM with your Business and Audience and you’re making gravy.

Whenever I guide my clients through this process, it’s usually the rabbit holes we go down that are most valuable.

That’s the whole point.

It’s not the questions themselves that hold the value, it’s the answers you give, the deeper understanding you gain about your business, the learnings you uncover around serving your clients, and a much fuller appreciation around the potential your website and associated digital marketing can have.


Ideas, strategies and tactics soaked up along the way in a career that’s seem me touch startups, agencies, almost every industry you can think of, the world’s biggest advertisers, and now you.

I trust it helps.

Click the image below to download the checklist.

the jam checklist image