An invitation to my

Referral Partners Program.

If you’re arriving at this page, you’ve either come to my website and your curiosity has led you here, or you have been personally invited by myself. 

Either way – I’m seeking to reward your curiosity.

I advise businesses on:

Digital strategy. I work best with businesses that are established, have capacity for more growth, and have a small or non-existent marketing team.

 If you compete with me in this service area or work purely in marketing strategy, I’m afraid I’m unable to help you

If you do not compete with me in this area, I would like to offer you a way to deepen your existing client relationships, help them grow, and increase the profits in your own business. 

Here is what you confirm:
  1. You have an existing base of clients you service in a CRM or list and a way to distribute a message to them (typically email software, but I’m quite happy to facilitate an offer with direct mail too).
  2. Your services can't include marketing strategy. I'm happy working with web designers, software developers, and traditional marketing services like print or direct. It works even better if you're in financial services, legal, IT, or other commercially-focused services that aren't marketing at all.
Here is what I will do:
  1. I will craft an exclusive offer for your existing clients. It will not compete with any of the existing services you offer. This offer will be crafted by me and my team, and will include copywriting, a deep understanding of how your clients work, and provide value upfront. The offer will be put into well-designed marketing materials that detail the exclusive offer, and written in a style commensurate with your own brand, approach to business, and tone of voice. It will also be completely subject to your approval.
  2. I will help you distribute this offer to your client base, with any costs related to distribution covered by myself.
  3. If any of your existing clients take up my exclusive offer, I guarantee they will be looked after, and assisted with my marketing services. I will also reward you financially for this warm introduction, and while I’m not comfortable putting the specifics on a webpage, I will recognise your generosity and reward it for any commercial benefits they bring to my business.


Referral Enquiries.

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