Find Your Perfect 20 Course.

An online program for finding, creating, distributing, measuring, and selling into your Perfect 20 clients in the B2B space.

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An online progrma for businesses who want to improve their B2B sales and marketing by going after the clients that are the very best for their business.

A great business customer can step-change your business, but marketing and selling into one requires patience, awareness, and needs to speak to them in ways that make it about them, not you.

Emerging businesses and founders don't want a consultant doing the work, they want to learn to apply B2B sales and marketing approaches on their own.

I've been selling and marketing into businesses for 13+ years with some of the world's biggest advertisers, and have built this program to share my strategies for professional engagement with you.

Over 6 online modules I show you how to:
  • Identify who your 20 perfect clients really are and know how to market exactly to them
  • Design focused content that in the language of B2B and articulates value to the decision makers and people you need to influence
  • Ways to distribute content and ensure it is seen by the right people with digital marketing, smart hustle, and ways you haven't considered
  • Measure the success of your content and match it the growth of your B2B pipeline
  • Combine all these steps to empower your sales and convert better
Who is this program suitable for?
  1. Small businesses who are growing and are looking for for a more efficient way to acquire the Perfect 20 clients for their business
  2. Founders who are comfortable selling and looking to step-change and focus their B2B marketing efforts on Perfect 20 accounts
  3. Business owners who are used to selling into consumers and are looking to grow a B2B-model and find Perfect 20 clients
What you get:



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